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greetings - Nimra 

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mit besten gruessen Nimra

No caso usted tiene intersa de algun projecto,oferta or tiene preguntas a caso,entonces por favor me escribe un e-mail

al adereso enbajo

Saludas ,Nimra

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The 5 year old Nimra Mhad in his first private creative lesson

 His Guru and big Master
His Guru and big Master

Nimra Mhad

Importanly places of his live stations : 
Panker , Berlin , Valle Gran Rey, Cadaques

Barcelona, Playa del Carmen , Tikal

Buzios, Caye Calker
Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friends, sports and jokes
Favourite books:
The hut of uncle Tom. The magic healer 

Favourite music:
David Bowie ,Billy Idol ,Anne Clark 

Favourite drink:
Juice and water, Coffe and Gin Tonic

Favourite meal:
Mama's and everybodys homemade food

i byself doesent know to coock

Favourite country for traveling:
Spain and many more...

Favourite quotes:
"Listen to many, speak to a few."
- William Shakespeare -

"The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection."
- George Orwell -